About WiFi Router Long Range Extender

Q1.How to reset this router?

A1.While the router is power on, press the reset button over 10s till only the power light on and the WPS light on and then the WLAN light blinks.


Q2. What can I do if the login page doesn't appear?

A2. Check the IP setting of your computer,confirm it has been set into obtaining the IP address automatically;

    Make sure your computer/phone has connected to the wifi "wireless-n" (NOT your existing wifi)

    Verify the IP address entered is correct (

    Try another web browser to open the login page again

    Reboot your router

    Disable the network adapter used currently and then enable it again.


Q3. What can I do if I can't get access into the internet?

A3. Check your internet whether it's working properly by connecting a computer

    Check whether you have plugged into the correct line port. (The WAN port is for Network/Ethernet Cable from the wall)


Q4. Why set the repeater mode unsuccessfully?

A4. You may have typed in an incorrect password.Under Repeater Mode,this mini router's password is same as your home wifi password.

    The device may be out of range,please move it closer to your router

    Please reset the Mini Router and go through the configuration again

2018年8月25日 10:30